Saturday, March 10, 2012

What makes a film? Form Vs Function - Article published at Filmmaker Magazine

An article I wrote for Filmmaker Magazine in New York has been published under the SXSW online column that is curated by John Yost(who's written/moderated quite a number of interesting discussions for a while now) who focuses on Micro-budget filmmaking. It's not the publishing itself that is of some significance, but more so the fact that it is on Filmmaker Magazine's Blog of which I've been a long-time reader. I've taken in a lot from them and their in-depth coverage of Indie filmmakers who share their journey from the trenches is what's really appreciable about them.
For folks in India and elsewhere, who aren't too familiar with the magazine, I must mention that it's a great resource for anyone who makes Independent films and it's actually published by IFP(Independent Feature Project) which again is part of the IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project). They are known for their tireless efforts towards supporting and contributing to the Indie filmmaking community which is highly fragmented. I'm not saying all this just because my piece is on there; I'd have written about them sometime soon and this just gave me a chance to do so. Though only my name is out there in it, it's our team Accessible Horizon Films, who's shaped my thoughts a lot. So, here's the link again on What makes a film? Form Vs Function.

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