Monday, March 12, 2012

Passing on...

When a person who loves you..and whom you love dearly, passes on..
leaves this reality, leaving behind everything tangible..
& a vacuum that hurts unbearably..
you are left behind to wonder what they have left behind actually..
they actually leave parts of them in each of those lives they have touched in this reality..
memories..moments..growth..happiness..and most of all, Love..and much more.
No matter how much we can philosophize the mysteries of the Universe and the ways of this life, and the death that follows, trying to see the big picture..
the loss is very much a part of this reality..and the grief is real..we might never be able to come to terms with their absence..but they become integral parts of our existence..
and stay within us.
In memory of our loving, funny, caring, thoughtful..and much more..
"mama"(Uncle in Tamil)..

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