Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thoughts, words...well?

Just got back into reality a couple of days back. Since then, been wanting to write about several things that have been snaking inside my gray matter. But unable to connect the pen to paper or rather having some trouble coordinating brain function to my finger tips. Over time I realize I am distancing myself from short-form writing. Well, it feels like whatever I have to write or say cannot be said/wrote about in a few concise words. Maybe there's a feeling that short-form doesn't allow one to explore deep thereby it ain't worth it. I've been juggling a few topics and each one has only about a paragraph in it. Shucks, unable to continue further now. Even with this, I'm trying hard to articulate...ok, see, my coherence is ebbing away and my brain seems like it's clawing, scrambling to get a good grip on my thoughts. Thoughts are way too fast to catch up with. I wish I could write at the speed of thought. Maybe I need an artificially intelligent robotic sidekick to put down in words what I think - like Tony Stark, if you will. Anyways, I'll get back to a more coherent rambling soon after I get some clarity.

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