Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1st Event on IDEALIST.ORG

Accessible Horizon Films, now part of the Idealist Groups is hosting an event at Johnson Park Rd, Johnson Dr, Piscataway NJ , at the junction of Johnson Park Rd and Rose Dr, Highland Park, New Jersey, United States, on Saturday, August 25th, 2007.

This event will bring together like minded individuals who care about the Earth and the existing society. This is the first time Accessible Horizon Films is hosting an event...and welcomes anyone who can provide creative, caring, loving, non-violent solutions to the current problems in this world to achieve Peace in the Planet ! Anyone who is interested in meeting people and who are concerned about the current society and the world are invited to join!!

This event is for anyone interested in bringing a Positive change in this world!

Become a member of the and connect with thousands of Idealists who want to make this world a better place!


Unknown said...

I really want to go to this, but I have two family events that day... Could you please take my email address and include me on email/list serves or just keep me updated. I am an aspiring social entrepreneur looking to start a business soon.

Unknown said...

thought you could access my email through my account... but incase you cannot it is

Anonymous said...

Hi greatest good! wow thats a nice name..thankyu for your response...we have sent you an email..of course we will b in touch..keep the good intentions going! good luck with all your endeavors..