Thursday, August 09, 2007

Change of State - SDaS

Change of State Performance Project was founded in 2005 by Andrea del Moral and K. Qilo Matzen. The mission of Change of State Performance Project is to fuse improvisation, theatre, and somatic techniques to create precise and absurd live performance. As the vaudevillian duo careens across the dance-theatre spectrum, looming socio-political issues seep into the performance space. For more click here...
I met Andrea and Qilo at Gesundheit this June...the simplicity and genuineness in their dispositions inspired me...they are humans with a purpose to stir some inspiration into the minds of people watching them...their play TAKE THIS HOUSE AND FLOAT IT AWAY
was a many layered piece of art shared with us at the Summer School for Designing a Society
We had a good discussion on a lot of issues after their play...the many layers consisted of society's alienation with every single element, the disjointedness of humans with the community and themselves, the ignorance that is made to prevail in the minds of the existing society, how much humans are trained in drowning of their reason in almost anything they can find...etc etc
The world needs humans who dedicate themselves to a cause and make everyone realize their place in this magnificent universe...
keep up the loving work...humanity needs you to remind them of everything they have pushed to oblivion!!

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