Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where is the EDGE for each human??????????

I cannot explain how so very disappointed i am with the humans around me...what pushes a human to the edge to actually get down to do something?? i wonder where the threshold for each person lies?? does it lie in the personal realm of things ??? or maybe it lies in the realm of selfishness?? maybe somewhere deep down in the abyss of the so-called day-to-day practicality which offers a perfect excuse??? or maybe in the darkness of the soul..if there is any???
what can i say??? why do humans change only after they themselves are affected by something?? what is that one factor that pushes a human to actually start doing something about anything??? when more than half the humans are dying by war or hunger or some injustice how can we sleep?? i just cannot seem to sleep tonight...pls help me someone...why is it that humans want to be personally affected every time they have to be pushed to take some action..each human so self-absorbed in his/her own achievements and practicalities...thats really a perfect example for a lame excuse...what can i say?? my blood boils..because i see humans are drowning reason in any way that they can...no matter what...they just need to be pushed to that EDGE to help...someone or anyone in need...this is like a never-ending search...where do i find that EDGE which is common to all humans ????where do i find the perfect moment that will drive these humans to actually do something...i feel so helpless and anxious...how can humans not do anything??? at this time of anguish how can i think of relaxing my mind and think that everything is the way it has to be...??? how can i say that the humans who are suffering are suffering because it is their destiny or some other ____________?????????
why don't we do something about all this??? is it not enough for a few humans to undergo so much pain and share it with the others??? have we lost the trust or have we become too individualistic and proud that we wait for the living experience to feel everything???


earthling said...

The thing is since everyone knows most of this, they become cynical and feel this is part of life.

I think the best way to bring OTHER humans around you to work towards a cause is for US to ACT ourselves and not worry about others.
That will inspire and create and stir the hearts of others to act and do something for humanity.

We should keep doing it and doing it and doing it, then others will automatically follow...and we needn't try and call them to action.
Isn't that what the great leaders have done?

NatureandI said...

Most of us have either read about this or seen it on TV or heard from others and felt bad and helpless and do not know how to change this situation. What we really need to do is provide a solution and let the people know about the solution along with the problem. In that way the people would know exactly what to do and how to proceed.
But always one individual may not know the solution for all the problems, in that case we can bring people of similar interest discuss this issue in detail and see what can be done for it and then let everyone know about the solution.