Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Conversation b/n two humans in our Current System...

From our friend Packiyanath, Chennai, India.
Since I'm working in Shifts, our company provides me Cab for pickup from house and also drops me back.
Today morning when I was traveling in the Cab, the cabdriver and myself struck into a discussion about Money-Rich People-And how people are suffering. The discussion started when we saw a lady carrying a small kid (probably 6 months old) in a traffic signal today. You know Chennai... It was so hot outside, and that lady was carrying that kid..exposed to the hot sun and was asking money to every person on the signal. And no one was responding to her. Even though it was very obvious that the lady was not the kid's mother(Usually that's the case...you know that it happens here)
One thing that immediately struck us was 'what did the KID do to suffer like this?'
and...this is where we started talking about Money. There are so many people who have so much money and are not ready to come out and do something to the people around them who need it. We were talking about us (Software Engineers Job...where just for money we spoil everything... life, family, health)...and all.
It is the invention of Rupees and Coins; which made everything to change. That is where all discrimination and distinction between rich and poor, Being greedy all those things came up. We started talking about a world which didn't have currencies. No Dollars, Rupees..nothing. In actual if you see that was how it was, earlier in our olden days when kings used to rule the earth. Everything was just one Currency...Gold Coins. No 100Rs. 500Rs. or 100$. But now everything has changed.
Then suddenly the cab driver told me something.... that literally shocked me, to see how much he was affected because of money for which everyone of us are behind it and which made him think so much and ...
He told :
"Sir... there is only one way to get all the money which these rich people, politicians etc are having illegally(Black Money). Indian Government has to announce publicly, "From so and so date to so and so date, we are making all the current India currencies(Notes) invalid and we are going to change them to a different type of Currencies -No worries .... with the same value(New appearance or something like that)." Every one who is maintaining all this black money have to come out to change their currencies/money they are having and then they will be now accountable to show how they got so much money." But they cant do it and probably at least at that point they may give all the black money they have to the poor.
I could see tears in his eyes. He told something after that...he told: Even then, these filthy rich people wont give the money to the poor...they will dump it or burn it.".
Suddenly the Cab stopped and our discussion stopped and I saw I was before my office building. The Cab Driver smiled, said "Good Day" and left. I had to get down and go into office again "for the sake of money". The whole day I was thinking about this.
I really dont know... my mind was so blank.


Rags said...

Sometimes you can get an epiphany from the strangest places and the most unexpected people. I'm not sure how far it will work, but yes, people will more likely burn it than give it to the poor.
The running-behind-money will never stop until a mass consciousness changes. For that, individuals will have to show everyone what can be done to reduce poverty and homelessness.

earthling said...

Thank you Packiya for sharing your experience with us and it is good to start conversations with people around us even though we don't know them at all!
First of all, I would like to say that the simplest and most powerful solution come from simple people who try to stay contented and happy- wherever they are!
I feel people need to stay positive about what can and is likely to happen in a situation like this! People have called philosophers in history and scientists crazy and every time scorned at their ideas and ideals. But it is so possible that there might be a situation where this idea could be spread and people would indeed share their wealth with the poor and needy of their own free will...or maybe even without any of the pushing-them-to-the-edge!
All we need to do is stay positive at this juncture and keep sending positive vibrations to the universe!

Anonymous said...

May be if the Director Shankar heard this solution before he would have used this in his movie "Shivaji"