Friday, September 29, 2006


I went through this topic called E-Tutoring. It was on the yahoo news headlines today. The link to it is

And the link to one of the e-tutoring institutes is

I am sure all of you would have by now become familiar with anything that starts with “E”…or the “electronic-…

Well, what more can I say? Other than the fact that the world has become easily accessible and we can access any corner of the world by just the click of a mouse. They guarantee that the online tutoring gives everything a personal tutor would give to a child on a one-to-one basis. Until we hear it from a child who has actually taken these lessons, how can we be so sure that knowledge is actually transferred in the right sense. Or is it just an outcome of the growing outsourcing and there is no other alternative for the middle class parent in the developed countries other than to seek help at much lower prices and still try to get quality education for their children. The ever growing gap between the so-called rich and so-called poor makes anything possible. Obviously parents think that their children should be getting the best of education no matter what and so, nowadays resort to seeking help thousands of miles away. So, the differences in the social system which forces parents to seek help far away from home itself indicates that quality education has become inaccessible to many children. Who is to blame here? The system, or the difference in the social status, or the imbalance of finances, or the outsourcing, or…or…or…??

On the other hand, with the outsourcing, five people earn what one person might earn in an hour which is a good thing when seen from a humanitarian perspective. The child, who learns from an online tutor from the other side of the planet, also gets to experience a whole new different process of learning and in fact can access the facility day in and day out, throughout the year! The bond that the child forms with this tutor is also a unique one and in the process, the child becomes aware of a whole new world that exists far but is within reach.

But…what happens to the knowledge and education in its purest sense? But what about the dedication and responsibility of the ‘teacher’? Are the children even benefiting from these so-called electronic tutoring? And why is education and knowledge only for those privileged few? What else will this electronic world replace?

We have to wait and see.

And amidst all this going on, what about the poverty that lingers on the face of this Planet?

Only time will tell! Asking questions have always been easy…we have to come up with tangible solutions as soon as we can!


Anonymous said...

I would think this is a good thing. If the quality of education is good no matter whether the teacher is present physically or virtually its good.
This might even come up as a solution to educate the so called under-developed nation rapidly. I would think this means of education will certainly speed up the whole process.
Today people are doing this for money and tommorow they might just do this as a service. This would pave way to a world where "Education would be Free"

packy said...

I second you on this r.nith...!
Looking this at a broder sense it is going to give way to "FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERY ONE". Exception...One is given access to Internet.
Next question... Is this "Internet" going to reach nook and corner of the world?...especially a country like in India, sorrounded with Villages...? Lets hope this happens soon. Software Gaints like Microsoft are researching on this...! Hope they come out with solutions on this for technology to reach every individual.

Anonymous said...

It will certainly reach every nook and corner. No one would have thought that computer can do such wonders in such a short period of time. We can definitely hope for the best.

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