Monday, September 18, 2006

St.Kitts & My lessons...

Nature has a knack of transferring her serenity to any being who seeks solace in her. And that is exactly what I got! She has a special way of teaching her lessons at the times when we most need them. It is up to each and every one of us to take these in...fully, with our body, mind and soul…and stay open to any experience we are offered.

When I was in Basseterre, St.Kitts, West Indies for eight months to pursue something which mattered a lot to me…I lived in a house which was located at the tip of the island and my bedroom overlooked the Caribbean Sea...and every morning and evening I used to be fully in admiration for the beauty of nature...the peace and tranquility…would totally engulf me in itself…the walk would be along the beach road…and I would most of the times stop by the beach and stare at its magnificence.

For the first time in life, alone with nature, I never did once feel lonely…I felt alive...I felt good…and then I realized something...I had stopped thinking and I really got present…to the moment...NOW!

And in the evenings...since my house was at the foot of a mountain...I used to climb up...and watch the sun go down...almost everyday. I cannot elucidate the living experience in words to you…I have never been so happy with myself and with the surrounding nature…and suddenly the whole world seemed so beautiful and positive and I yearned to live so much. I realized something so profound and that time could after all be ignored and stopped… and I stopped time!

I think time is always dependent on the changes that happen around and within you... It’s up to us to keep time running or putting it to a stand still so accordingly… when we have the events and changes in our life we can see the existence of time.

I truly understood what Eckhart Tolle said in his book “POWER OF NOW”. If you get a chance to read the book please try and read it.
I am happy and I have realized the ..JUST BE!
Life is full of surprises…you never know what you are going to get now…I have realized one thing. With all this happening…the power of NOW…there were a few friends who had tried and made an effort to make me understand. Though I did try…to learn it from them. It wasn’t until I came across this incident in life that I realized the power of now.
I know that all I have is NOW...and nothing else. I think that we all need time to ourselves to sort out our thoughts. The detours of life can make us do just that. It is during this time that we may learn much. More than if we were never to go through the experience to begin with or to always have everything smooth. I can think back over those times and see the good it has done for me. It may be difficult to see it that way and we may ask the question why? But things always have a way of working out for the best.

I am richer by this experience and every time I share it with someone new, I go through the whole phase once again.

Maybe it is the intense and powerful energy that is within Nature that gives us all the strength to live and love life most of the times. And since we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, walk the same Earth, are protected by the same skies and derive our energies from the fire of the Sun, we manage to appreciate the beauty that surround us, once in a while. Life would be much better if we did it more often.

I am sure this is what they call life and living!

Sometimes it just takes us a moment to express anything in language...but the genuine living experience is far more special and unique from the words...but we still have to resort to the languages to express ourselves...because language is one of man's most brilliant inventions!

Well, you sure know what to do if you want to know more about the experience! Of course yes! Go visit St.Kitts...

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Anonymous said...

Nature is the best teacher.
As has been rightly pointed out in this expression, living, today, is being focussed on something that fetches a short term satisfaction which again is superficial. The way many of us have taken upto living is for mere survival or existence and the true essence of life seems to be forgotten. Nature was so designed to help us learn continuously throughout our life. The vastness is inexplicable and as rightly mentioned, cannot be just brought down to mere words. It is close to salvation in short, once we get in tune with nature. One more point that I have to add to this wonderful write up is this - Man is also a wonderful creation of nature. But the missing link is in the thought that we are also an integral part of this nature. We are no isolated form from this. Whatever we do or have been chosen to do, has to be in tune with all the other forms of nature. However, we seem to be thinking of us and nature as mutually exclusive events or forms of life. We should try to strike the chord of harmony and synchrony in order to be a balanced part of nature.ANd this would arise from the kind of experience cited in this write up. However though we need not have to wait for things to come our way. Having evoked this thought in us, we should be outgoing to create such exposures for ourselves with nature galore.. and start living our lives in the full sense.