Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Language & Expression

Language is one of human’s profound inventions. Can you imagine a world and all the evolution without language? What if we did not have languages? Maybe we would have invented some other mode for communication and would still come up with the concept of language some time down the line. Well, it is for our convenience right? Everything we have created so far is to help us live better. At least that was the intention the humans had when they set their spirits behind the mysteries of the world.

Language is a boon to Humankind. Though it may never compensate for the actual living experience, we cannot refrain from using it. But it should always be remembered that the purpose of language is to make expression easier with the rest of the beings around us and never to differentiate. As long as the people around us understand the language we use and as long as we try to express thoughts in the simplest way, it is justifiable. So, while conversing, all we have to remember is to get the message across to the people around us and not how the way it is told. Of course, the ‘how to express’ matters when it comes to the depths of literature studies etc. but as long as opinions are concerned, all we have to worry about is to get the thought process across. Blogging is one of the powerful tools of technology, which is definitely going to take the humans to the next step towards evolution and help them see the world as one. Humans have strayed enough from their original path of finding the truth and have come a long way on the wrong track. The Internet and the blogging will help them see the world from a whole new perspective and make the necessary corrections to get back on track.
So, while keeping in mind the power of expression, let us all unite and bring our thoughts together for a unified purpose. No matter how we express ourselves, let us always try to bring our most genuine thoughts to writing. Let us not leave the responsibility of writing to only writers because each of us is equally good enough to express our thoughts in this world. And remember, we have to transcend differences of all kinds, to become a single entity!

In the end, it is not the excellence in the language that matters; it is the genuine intention to communicate, share and love the world around us that matters. Languages, together with the Internet are tools that will help us bring this world even closer. Well, everything has its place and purpose in this universe right??

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