Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Need of the hour...




Acchorian said...

1.The World needs all the like minded individuals to come together for a higher unified purpose and then..
2.Eradicate Poverty from the face of the Earth and..
3.Provide a Universal System of Free education for all.
Once these are taken care of, we can expect a paradigm shift!

Packiyanath said...

Just to add to the list...
World needs people who can show others....

1.Ways to erase corruption from the minds of corrupted people.

2.How to behave as humans who have heart and minds to think if others get effected by their actions. For instance at a high level in the name of terrorism, thousands of innocent people get killed for no cause. Lets stop this...lets be Humans.

Earthling said...

1. First of all, We need to realize that we are all connected at a much deeper level..and we are responsible for each other's well-being.
2.We need all the remaining good left in this world to wipe out the evil and for that we need to trust and have faith in the good of people.
3.We cannot function independently because we all are but a small part of a greater life.
4.We need to be Humane.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there are a whole bunch of things the World needs right now...
When more than half are dying without food it is up to the rest of us to find a solution to make it better for our own small way.
There was a time when people all over the world came forward only when they were directly affected.But now it is time for us to reach out to the rest who are in need..
The positive energy is building up and we can replace it with the negative energy that is prevailing..
Creating an awareness is also very important.

Anonymous said...

1. Basic needs for every people on this planet - Food, Shelter and clothing.
2. Erradicate beggary from this earth
3. Educate every individual to be Human
4. Green Revolution
5. To fix the Global Warming problem.
6. A common language so that people wont feel difficult to talk to each other.

RR said...

Just before we thinking what world needs...!
we should know what we need.. to do! and let's STOP pointing out things/problems that appears to be unclear (Big) and start working for the solution...
.... HOW ??
-- each time when u travel in a polluting vehicle, think about pollution and it's problems, so stop using the vehicle / get it serviced.
-- try not to litter the surroundings, use dust-bin. Some time u too can contribute.
-- Do not spit in the public area .
and many more ..list something which you / I/ we can contribute inturn it'll lead to a better understanding of the cause and effects
Thus our goals will be clear and achievable - then we will get the time to say we need to upgrade out intentions / motto and we can reach out for the higher level of abstraction..!!

Sooo guys let's get it started ..Now !!!

Anonymous said...

In this Era, Man forgot about his/her evolution in the process of revolution. The foremost thing he needs to do is self realization and educate the people around, who lack this realization and forgot about his/her co-existence. Everything will transform in this process and hence as a result, a unified world.

Packiyanath said...

Hey RR
Pls. don't get offended reading my comments...
What I feel is, what ever you have mentioned points out to an individual responsibility JUST TO MAKE A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE AT. I do agree to your point that, even though these issues are small these needs attention.

But BELIEVE ME RR, there are so many issues in this world because of which people are suffering with pain; people feel burdened to even live in this world.

Do you think, every one not spitting on the roads is going to eradicate poverty? Not spitting in the roads is going to stop corruption? Driving a non-polluting vehicle is going to stop terrorists from killing those innocent people?


But I also do agree that as an individual its our responsibility to do the things you mentioned to make the environment around us Neat & Clean.

HEY... I appreciate a point in your comment... that we are just pointing out issues...but there’s no solution given.

YES! That’s very much true but, as you said what ever every one have discussed here are such complex problems prevailing in this world that its better we sort out all issues and then discuss on each of them individually on the possible solutions to it?

What do you say...??? Hope you took it in the right sense. :)

earthling said...

Yes packiyanath, I agree with yu..because we need to see things from a bigger perspective right now and once the bigger things are taken care of then the smaller problems will automatically erase themselves..what we need is not a temporary solution to problems but a long lasting solution to the existing poverty and war...
we need to focus from an aerial point of view and look at the Planet's face from there...then we will know how truly it is sick...
people who realize how to solve these problems should come together and lead the rest of them to that implementation of the solution..
and one more thing..we all are here to do our best for this world and so each and every one of our opinion counts..whatever the way we express ourselves..the bottomline is that we all want the PEACE, LOVE and Prosperity on this Planet.
So, let us all take things always in the right sense!!
have a good day!

RR said...

Hey Pack ...haaa gotchaa :)

Acce's >> u guys are doing gr8 work!

I was keen to point out that the self-improvements / discipline of an individual might contribute to what ever we aim for the big thing!
We know There is NO BIG problem with out the base of an SMALL Problem..!! am I Right ???

Finally you can only segregate problems by seeing it from bigger perspective but you can solve it only after finding the root/ leaf level issue!

Please help me to communicate better! if I'm not...

RR said...

Hey Guys ... Busy ... why No postings!

Any ways I wish to state few things right now which is away from topic.
I know many of us look into it and accumulate many creative thoughts but never try to express those thoughts... which is not good!

Please Express yourself! and it's the Blog for us and By us..! do not think of "right" and "wrong" comments/ just contribute something what you feel!

Each and every word is counted..! Think that you are doing something for good !