Friday, September 08, 2006

Evolution of the Self

Went to this car show last night - vintage American cars most of them from the 50s & 60s. And suddenly it struck me as to how the Automobile technology has evolved from back then which made me think as to how Man has evolved over time. Let's forget about Darwinism now and just think about the evolution of the thinking man. What is that something that has constantly propelled Man to think in terms of sophistication, technology and 'development'?
Heard about this book 'Excession' by Iain Banks - something about what if the entire world has everything it needs, food, clothing and shelter and maybe even some things that it wants. Will post more about Excession later.
But the point is, in the realm of 'thought' evolution, there has always been a battle in the minds of Humans. The battle between the Higher self and the Lower self. What propels one towards a higher state of being and taking the high road?
Was reading James Bonnett's "Stealing Fire from the Gods" where he talks about the R-complex (reptilian complex) and the Limbic system in the human brain. Of course, R-complex is the reason for humans' instinctual self (targeting the basic physiological needs) and the Limbic system - the advanced part of the brain that's responsible for the higher self, which is geared towards humanity, love, peace and the all positive archetypes associated with one's self.
The outcome of the battle between the two selves, is what is manifested outside in a human. And the triumph of the Higher self over the Lower self in an ongoing battle is what leads to the evolution of the self. How far we can gain control over our lower self is no doubt a question to be pondered about.

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Earthling said...

Put it in anyway, we have to agree that we have come a long way as far of the physical evolution is concerned. But when the mind and the thinking is concerned, we have just gone astray with respect to our thoughts. We as humans are the only ones who have gone away from the real purpose of being. we have, in the illusion of progress and development, ignored our instincts and conscience and come this far. And we are still under the influence of our pretences. But again, when we talk about going towards the higher self and taking the higher road from here, that itself is proof that we are on the right track. The rest is all temporary, be it Technology or the Science or even the material world.No doubt, each and every single invention has its own purpose and reason for its existence and there is a lesson we need to learn from each of the periods they were invented.
And once we are right on track, then definitely without any doubt we can live in a world that has everything in it and co-existence will finally find a way to survive amongst us.
Now what is that something that propelled man to think? Well, initially it was for the common good and the thirst for knowledge.And that is what is lacking in the present scenario. So what do we think about the present day inventions? Well, it has a price tag! In earlier days people used to wonder about the mysteries of the world around and thought of ways to fix it and make it easier for people around them. The difference now is that , alongwith the inventions, the inventors find ways to market the products and the true purpose of knowledge is lost. The quest here is only for the money any invention yields and not anything else. But of course, that is what is taught in schools, History sometimes,as a matter of inventions without the actual process. If we are taught about the reasons behind the actual inventions and the situations faced by the true knowledge seekers, we would have a better idea about their thought process and then would ultimately realize that the higher self is already there!
The quest for knowledge in its most genuine sense is what the future generations needs to go for!