Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What if??

Is it good to have "WHAT IFs" in your life?
Think about it and let me know...


Anonymous said...

What if i was born blind? or What if i was born physically disabled? Thank God i'm not. Should i really thank god for that? No,i would have still managed to live like so many other wonderful people who live without their eyes or with some disabilites? So it is not the body parts that really constitutes a human, It is how true your are to your soul and what good you do to others, make u a BETTER person. What do you think?

"What if" i have the power to end the war?

"What if" i'm the president of US?

Anonymous said...

"What if" does not hold any value when it is related to the past. "what if" is undefined when related to the future. "What if" you do something NOW, in the present so that one day YOU would be responsible for the deed.