Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Documentary Update

Good news! The tapes just arrived a couple of days back and we have started sifting through them. Although we just looked at a couple of them, it was in black & white, because of format constraints. One concern, the tapes are in 25p PAL format and our Sony DSR 25 deck has a problem. FCP isn't recognizing the deck, I think there's a problem with the Firewire port. We tried every option but now seems like we have to go through an external source. Have been asking around and hopefully soon we'll figure out a way. But anyways, the footage does look good from whatever we have seen. Can't wait to digitize and start editing...
More photos to be up soon. Watch out.


Anonymous said...

After one weeks shoot everyone in the school felt like the vacation is over and that they got to get back to their normal routine. I feel different after being there and It was a wonderful experience which everyone needs to experience. These kids are so friendly and they welcome everybody to their home (Siragu).

Naveen Mahendran said...

Is that, the documentary is posted in to YouTube or Video.Google.

try that so that we people could see it in stream mode.

PAL / NTSC Compliance could be solved by digitizing the data by feeding the input to a TV Capture card set up in a Computer

earthling said...

Yeah Naveen, a TV capture card would work, but still, we need a device for PAL playback right?
Because PAL is hardly used here it's hard to find friends who do use them.
The thing is we may have to rent a deck/camera that can play PAL. We are trying to cut costs here but apparently there aren't many options left.

Naveen Mahendran said...

But Ragu, in my home we have an AIWA TV which takes in all kinda formats and play in proper color values.

We are talking about screening techniques (the way in which your TV understands the feed), therefore I think there should be softwares that advice your TV to understand how it should be screened.(whatever be the playback device is). Why don't you try to tweak the TV tuner software so that it understands that the video should be screened as PAL and not NTSC.

We had a problem with a remote camera that streams to a TV Tuner card for one of my friend's college project, it worked when the TV Software was set to NTSC (earlier it was set to PAL).