Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Natural Consequences - PAYBACK TIME?

This is a graphic representation of what we saw on the National Geographic Documentary Channel last night...

A few questions arise in my mind right at this moment...
1. Should we feel responsible and take the blame without complaining because it is a Natural Consequence or should we blame everything else except ourselves???
2. Are we supposed to feel pity for the people who are being killed or for the Sharks who have been forced into this and are left with no choice??
3. Is this how it is all supposed to happen and end??
4. What part does our reason play here??
5. Have we drowned reason along with our consciousness in an endless ABYSS??


RNith said...

1. Definitely we are the one to be blamed.
2. Feeling pity wont help the people in the future, we need to rectify our mistake and not disturb/disrupt the nature.
3. If some stranger comes to our house and occupies one of room would we remain silent and let them live there. We will not let them live. If so called six sense human cannot tolerate this, how the animals react if someone spoils their home.

senthil said...

It stinks, but it is true:
Man has no natural predator on earth.
Therefore, if the sharks are attacking humans, it is because their natural habitat is threatened and they dont have any other choice to survive.

Man is supposed to be the most intelligent of all living things and therefore the natural leader of the natural order.
But they say "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"!
So man has started indiscriminately USING UP THE NATURAL RESOURCES, AT AN ALARMINGLY FAST RATE, thereby leading to all sorts of environmental problems that we are facing today.

Ultimately, nature is more powerful than man, but it would take aeons for Nature to repair the damage man has done to the environment in the last 100 years or so!
Atleast it appears that this sad realization is dawning upon man.
Let us hope it is not already too late and that we can make some positive change if we start TODAY!