Monday, January 22, 2007

Racism and Crossing Borders

Here's an excellent article on how racism is still a prevalent practice in the West. Many of us are so used to being subjected to such practices that we tend to overlook how much of a basic human rights violation this is. Read this article by a Black journalist Gary Younge, who is a UK citizen who writes for The Guardian. Although this might seem all too obvious, what are we doing about it?,,1995856,00.html

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Anonymous said...

Very disturbing indeed!
The freedom of movement that is so very necessary for living a life is also the most absolute necessity for expanding one’s creativity into the vast expanse of the universe. BORDERS ARE NOT IN THE PLANET! THEY ARE IN THE MINDS!
I would like to add something here.
Creativity is one of the factors that distinguish humans from the other beings or maybe it is the only factor that will lead us into discovering the fact that we are all connected with the rest of the universe.
Do we really have the so called Freedom of Movement? Well, that is the question we have to ask ourselves from time to time. When the basic need for expression is not met with, the creativity is suppressed within and does not stand a chance. Film making is basically the expression of the creativity that is bottled up in every human. Though art is never expressed to its fullest even by the person who brings it out to the physical plane, the artist does not stop himself from bringing it out into the world. Film making brings out the inner most emotions to the surface and then goes one step ahead and takes it to the world outside. Perceptions would not always be the same but the film maker’s emotion is at least brought to the physical plane by his films. The film then has a life of its own and travels in and out of minds and hearts of the people who watch it and react to it and criticize it and toss it over and again with time.
We were talking about the freedom of movement here right? What about the relationship between film making and the freedom of movement? Take the case of the American filmmakers. The access they have to the whole world and the ease with which they travel around the world with their passports is injustice and unfair by all means!
What if opportunities are given to everyone and the freedom of movement is available for all?? Then creativity will flow endlessly!
Borders of any kind limits the endless possibilities that are possible by Human achievement.