Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Network Impermanence!

What is permanent in this Universe? Only Change we would say. We take so many things for granted and this is the latest thing that has been added to our list!
How many of us remember the numbers of our friends that is stored in our cellphones? How many of us have stored numbers in mails and take refuge of the mail every time we need to call someone? Ask yourself what else you take for granted.
In the end, it is only change that is permanent!

Here is an interesting article about how fragile the Internet is too.

The Fragile Network
Originally posted by Bill Thompson

One of the more persistent founding myths around the internet is that it was designed to be able to withstand a nuclear war, built by the US military to ensure that even after the bombs had fallen there would still be communications between surviving military bases.

It isn’t true, of course.
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