Thursday, January 25, 2007

Education in Public Schools in U.S

We recently saw a documentary that was in the YouTube and it is about the education system that prevails in PUBLIC SCHOOLS in the U.S.

It speaks for itself.

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earthling said...

I do not think Education should be compromised at any cost!
Teachers should not only be teachers.They should guide,lead by example,love and share the knowledge they have gained from the world around.
I do not know what to understand from all of this sometimes.I feel all the children deserve a chance with education that is free.
Look at all the inacessible schools in this world!The so-called Top schools are totally inaccessible for students from the masses.
Well, some say if the schools are competitive enough, then there is a chance for a better education.
But tell me, is there truly a fair chance for kids if there is competition among the teachers and schools?
I would say no way!
The state of the children is so painful to watch because what they learn from school is what takes them into life as such!
This is the right time for people to spread the word and come together to impart the knowledge that they have.
I saw in an ad recently that said..
Let's join hands to share the knowledge we have about love!