Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children of the World, UNITE! 1

I recently contacted my film maker friend Ms. Mitra Sen to share with her the concept behind Siragu post card painting workshop!
She was very much interested and was happy to know that I contacted her when I thought of connecting kids throughout the world.

This is what she said.

“My students would be delighted to
get involved as we're just launching a global peace tree ambassadors

So, when I called her after some time, she told me that I could get in touch with a Peace Tree Ambassador NEIL WU and ask him to give me an idea as to how to go about spreading the word of PEACE among kids.

So I emailed Mr.NEIL WU and after explaining to him about our documentary film on Siragu School, I told him about the post card workshop and how we could all share the cards between schools and bring the kids together.

All the while, in my mind, I was under the impression that Mr.NEIL WU was the Peace Tree Ambassador and he would definitely be an adult. UNTIL today evening when I got an email from him saying this.

“Hi. I'm Neil. I think that you've misunderstood Ms. Sen. I'm only 13, I was in Ms. Sen's class and she told us about starting a Peace Club and Peace Center. So I joined it.

We think it's a wonderful idea for the children and school in India to join us. We would love to hear from them and write to them. Would it be possible for you to send us the copy of the film of Siragu Montessori School when you are finished. We'd like to see them. Thank you very much for your email.

We're really excited to have the children in India as part of our Peace Tree Ambassadors Network and hope we can share some wonderful ideas of spreading PEACE around the world.”

HAHAHA…our team had a good laugh at this.

On one hand, I felt that I were too prejudiced to think that a Peace Tree Ambassador could only be an adult and wondered about how we judge everything with a past knowledge!

On the other hand, I was filled with happiness and hope that a 13 year old could have so much understanding of PEACE in this world!

I immediately replied to him saying, “We are happy that kids of today's world possess such an understanding of PEACE and also work for it. Keep up the SPIRIT Neil!
The world needs kids like you to bring all of us together.
Well, I appreciate you writing to me about it and I am very happy to be in touch with you directly. You are our link to this world of kids!!”

So, amidst all this prejudice and misunderstanding, we have connected with a young and beautiful soul who has so much insight about Peace and is actually doing something about it! We underestimate children most of the times. But at least it is not too late to learn something from them.

So, I also asked Neil to be in touch with me and we intend to introduce the Siragu kids and the Ontario kids as the beginning to this wonderful chain of love!

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Anonymous said...

I can feel it within...that the world is going to change..and the kids will lead by example..
hey don't we need to get in touch with more people in the planet??
like pen-pals and stuff??
somebody give us an idea........!!!!
how can we connect with kids all over the world??