Monday, January 15, 2007

If you know a Secret let the World know without revealing yourself

Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interests are oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to those in the west who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their own governments and corporations. We aim for maximum political impact; this means our interface is identical to Wikipedia and usable by non-technical people. We have received over 1.2 million documents so far from dissident communities and anonymous sources.

We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies. Many governments would benefit from increased scrutiny by the world community, as well as their own people. We believe this scrutiny requires information. Historically that information has been costly - in terms of human life and human rights. Wikileaks will facilitate safety in the ethical leaking movement.

Wikileaks opens leaked documents up to a much more exacting scrutiny than any media organization or intelligence agency could provide. Wikileaks will provide a forum for the entire global community to examine any document for credibility, plausibility, veracity and falsifiability. They will be able to interpret documents and explain their relevance to the public. If a document comes from the Chinese government, the entire Chinese dissident community can freely scrutinize and discuss it; if a document arrives from Iran, the entire Farsi community can analyze it and put it in context. Our first sample analysis is available from the news page, providing a look into the future of what Wikileaks can provide.

In its landmark ruling on the Pentagon Papers, the US Supreme Court ruled that "only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government." We agree.

The ruling stated that "paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell."

We believe that it is not only the people of one country that keep their government honest, but also the people of other countries who are watching that government. That is why the time has come for an anonymous global avenue for disseminating documents the public should see.

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earthling said...

If WIKILEAKS really function and do what they are supposed to do and also protect the whistle blowers' identity, then this would definitely help the common people in taking part in the govt administration and erase corruption from the face of humanity. Everything has to start somewhere right? This is a good start!
but care should be taken to avoid misuse of this too!
Did yu know that Whistle blowers in India are mostly assasinated!
I bet this should be made aware to a lot of people in India too who are keeping quiet becoz they are afraid of the govt or the local gangs.
Parivartan is another organization which could be approached in India.
I feel the power to change all the chaos and turn it into love, lies in the hands of the common people becoz they are simple minded, compassionate and shrewd at the same time.

RNith said...

But what do we do after that? If someone complains and provide proof of corruption, what next? Would the government take action or the people? If people, how would they take action if the government does not co-operate? What other means should we take? Would it be possible to appeal in the court of justice with the documents/proof we obtain from Wikileaks? Would that be considered as a reliable source of proof?
And moreover everyone knows that someone is corrupted, but they don't know what to do with them. If along with Wikileaks or Parivarthan if they also show how to fix the problem then it would be even more helpful.