Monday, March 05, 2007

Corporate Plagiarism?

When an individual steals content (or anything) from a corporation, he/she is brought down to their knees and made to pay for the 'crime'. But when a corporation does it to an individual, then the issue is swept under the carpet and conveniently forgotten. I for one believe in open sourcing of information, free usage of information by anybody, but when someone(especially a corporation who are the torch-bearers of the concept of copyright violations) crosses a certain line by lifting content from an independent person, saying the original work is theirs, without crediting the content creator, then it should be dealt with seriously, which is exactly what's happening now.
In regard to the story below where the Yahoo India(malayalam) portal has purportedly stolen content from an independent blogger Suryagayathri at Karivepilla,
Check out the reactions from the blogger community who are raising their voices against corporate plagiarism. There is a Protest happening today March 5th, 2007 against this copyright violation where Yahoo India is being asked to either issue an apology or compensate for the use of the independent blogger's content.
Yahoo India launched a beta version of their Malayalam (an Indian Language) portal and what do they do to fill their pages? Lift content just straight from small web magazines and blogs without asking a word or adequately compensating for those. What a shame!
We all like the idea of giants like Yahoo launching multiple Indian language portals. But that doesn’t give Yahoo India the right to lift contents, word by word and put those on their Malayalam portal.
View Suryagayathri's food blog.
They have copied some(6 and counting) of her recipes word by word. The only thing is that they changed the picture. What an easy way to cook up a portal. I can only laugh and sympathize at their confidence that their portal wont be read :). What other reason to copy contents?
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അലിഫ് /alif said...

Thanks for join hands with us aganist this Corporate Plagiarism. Your post is also attached with todays post links as part of our protest on this day of March 5th 2007 here as No. 78
Thanks again

കൈപ്പള്ളി said...

thank you for supporting the cause

earthling said...

Of course the internet is all about bringing all the like minded individuals in this world..together for a good cause!!
It shows us that we are not alone in this world to fight for justice of any kind..

സു | Su said...

Thanks :)