Monday, March 19, 2007

Inexhaustible Natural Resource - SUN

Do you think Nature is exhaustible?? Well, you are totally wrong! Nature has always provided us with the best of its resources which we use, enjoy, exploit to the best of our ability.
How about the SUN?
The SUN is an eternal source of energy but most of the time we take things like this for granted. Well, there are many people who realize this and make the best use of its energy. Our forefathers have had so much insight on the natural resources and their uses to the beings on the earth but all we have been doing for the past hundred years is run behind Globalization and Capitalism thus exploiting the natural resources and suffocating the earth as much as we can.
I have seen and heard about solar cookers and solar energy all my life but never gave it much attention. (you know how self-absorbed we can become running behind routines) It was then that I again came across solar cookers in a Forum I recently attended.
Though the concept of solar energy has long come into our system, it has not penetrated enough into the actual-common-man's home.
There are people struggling really hard to make a difference and help a lot of homes all around the world. One such group of people is the SOLAR COOKERS INTERNATIONAL
and they provide all the needed information and it is absolutely free for anybody. Anyone can read the GUIDE TO SOLAR COOKING and learn about Solar cooking.
It doesn't matter even if you live in urban areas, you could always try to solar cook on a beautiful sunny day!

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Anonymous said...

Also check out this site which has more information about the Solar Cooking and where it has been implemented.

Anonymous said...

Another great resource is the Solar Cooking Wiki. This wiki has a page for each country showing how solar cookers are having an impact.