Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reading don't suffice!!

Reading, reading and more reading. I was contemplating this mode of activity. Now that the Internet provides an abundance of information, everyday I sit down and read for about 3-4 hours about information from all over the world. I also see to that I read about things of which I have no clue about or things that ‘I DON”T KNOW THAT I DON”T KNOW’!!

Now the main problem comes next. What do I do with this information and how do I take any action that is related to this galore of information that I imbibe from the internet??

Say for eg. I read about the situation of the refugees who fled from Darfur conflict areas to the camps in Chad and their food, health and living conditions and the hopelessness they face. What do I do next?

Does my reading do any help to the situation there? Does the information I read ever push me to take any action unless I want to get myself of the so-called comfort zone and do something about it? Then what is the use of such information on a longer period of time?

My sympathizing and feeling bad for these fellow humans definitely sends my good intentions across but does it really help them if I just sit in some warm cozy room in some other part of the world and not take any action?

But at the same time when I just browse for fun, and cannot use any information for anything worthwhile, what is the actual purpose of this reading? I do not understand the necessity of any such information which I cannot use to make this world a better place. But I still read to understand this huge world of which I am such a tiny piece!

Reading together with taking action in this current situation has become such a pressing issue that it is directly proportional to the contentment I get from living this life!

In this world, sitting back, and just plainly talking and writing and reading about situations alone do not suffice anymore!

There was a period in the life of humans where each and every one could sit back and invent and discover new methods to make this world better in a different way.

But, now is the period where we have to get together and make this world a better place with the sole idea of bringing PEACE to it!


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