Thursday, March 22, 2007

We are not alone in this world. Together we can make it Happen!!!

In this big world we are not left alone to save our Mother Earth. There are so many organizations who are already working on making our world a better place. I came across this interesting website VOICE YOURSELF. This site has so much information about how you can live an organic life by consuming Organic Products, prepare Organic Food, reduce Carbon emission and how to protect our mother Earth from all this chaos.

And some other ways you can reduce pollution and lead a simple and a healthy life. Here are some ways to reduce the usage of Plastic bags and lots of other useful tips.

Its not just enough to just feel bad about how we are polluting the environment and not do anything about it, so here is a list of sites where you can really contribute and make a difference

Previous in our blog we have several posts on pollutions like Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission, Reduction of air pollution - An Awakening, Alternate means of Transportation to reduce Pollution

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