Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Evolution of "Wings of Evolution"

We came to know about Siragu and Suyam, two NPOs in Chennai, India who were doing so much for the street children in Chennai, India. They were in great need of Media attention and donations to improve their school facilities. So we initially created a post to let the world know more about Siragu School in this blog Media Attention Needed: Suyam and Siragu. They did get some publicity but that was not enough.

After talking with Uma and Muthuram for a while we became good friends with them, the founders of Siragu and Suyam. They started Siragu with the objective of providing International quality of Education to first-generation learners, the children of the scheduled tribes, pavement dwellers and mendicants and also children from brick chambers and from various parts of the so-called under-privileged people of this society.

Our main motive is to make Films for Change, after hearing so much about the school, the children and their life, we were so much interested in making a documentary film about the school. We went to Chennai to start our documentary film
Siragu Documentary - In Production on Dec 15th, 2006. Wow, what a wonderful experience to be with those children. They are young, energetic and full of energy. They knew so much information about the Trees, Global Issues, Pollutions,.etc.

During our course of filming we met the parents of Siragu students, and Meenakshi , a cute girl who will join Siragu in few months, you can see the picture of her in our post Siragu Documentary Update. We also filmed a unqiue feature in Siragu where the kids talk to trees and make friends with them and you can see some of their alien friends in those pictures. We had so much fun playing with those kids and finally wrapped up the shoot after a week. After coming here we started a new blog for Siragu Montessori School where we posted our experience and it is being updated by Muthuram regularly with the school activities.

Along with this film, we also started a project WorldWide Postcard Sharing this post has a short video, where the kids drew some postcards for the kids around the World. We distributed those to the kids, Peace Tree organization in Ontario, Canada. And they have already finished their postcards and are gonna send it to Siragu Kids. As a result we started this new blog for World Kids Unite, where we put all the postcard images for the kids around the globe to view and comment. We initiated this as an effort to bring the Kids of this World Together and PEACE.

Yeah, forgot to tell you we named this Documentary Film “Wings of Evolution

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