Monday, December 18, 2006

Siragu Documentary Update

The second and third days have been great. We made great progress with the shoot. We went with Uma and Muthuram to the actual Nadaipathai (pavement) where the parents of the children live.
You can see Uma and Muthuram in the photo above with the parents, talking to them. They showed us the whole environment where many pavement-dwellers lived. It was an amazing experience meeting people who are so straight-forward and simple.
Back at the school, Siragu, we played football/soccer with the children. Man, was it fun! Ramesh, Raja and almost all the crew members joined the game and were so exhausted after that.
At night, we had a campfire with the children where they were asked to write down what they didn't like and threw them into the fire - they threw 'War', 'Guns', etc into the fire. Babu (Ramanujam) was the one who initiated it, with the whole thing being a very deeply emotional experience - the children striving for peace, love and unity. Can you believe it?
The little girl(2nd photo) with the hat is Meenakshi who recently joined Siragu and she tagged along with the crew most of the time.
Watch out for more updates soon.


earthling said...

Good intentions are alone not enough these days. Action needs to be taken and we need to do that right away.I hope that SIRAGU opens its wings to the world and the children take the world to a new level.
Good work! keep it up!

Mohan said...

Here is a day expanding and soaring to its heights helping people to forget the I and MY and think about "WE". Its time people started thinking about people without any inhibitions like religion, caste, region or language. Everyone is equal and this should be realised by everyone on this earth. Siragu is one such organisation striving for it and our attempt to spread this message would help in building a better future.

RNith said...

Yes, we were so exhausted after playing with them the whole evening.. dunno where they get so much energy.
Meenakshi is so cute, after the shoot she can with us to the skool. And after everyday's shoot when we leave the skool she would think that we will take her back to her house.