Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reality or Illusion?

Is there a line that distinguishes Reality and Illusion?? If so, where does the line exist between the two?
All our lives we run behind things thinking that they are real, but can we really be sure about that Reality not being Maya?
What then constitutes MAYA or the Illusion?
Nature around us... all the while tries to show us Reality and Maya alternatively...but then is our perception too rigid??

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Rags said...

I think we need both reality and Maya as part of our lives. There are some things that have no explanations.
We tend to leave reality only when we need to, that is, only when things get worse, we tend to seek the outter realms of the cosmos...seeking some kind of transcendental experience that will lift us out of the misery.
But the thing is, we don't realize that difference between reality and Maya for there is NO line between them.