Saturday, December 23, 2006

Principal Photography: Complete

Can't believe we are done with Principal photography. So many things have happened over the last few days that we are finding it hard to believe the primary work on location is behind us now. In the last couple of days, we did the interview bits with Uma and Muthuram, you know, asking them about the specific activities that the children did over the days of the shoot. Seemed like their thoughts fit in quite well with the overall objectives and the goal of the documentary.
An irony is that we still haven't come up with the Title of the film, weird but true. The same thing happened to our new short film, Wait No More, we came up with the title only during post-production. But hey, if any of you have any ideas just holler.
The picture above is that of the kids during the football games, I think. We got a lot more pictures, but they are still in India. We are waiting for the tapes too. Man, can't wait to get our hands on them and start post-production. Ok, gotta go, a movie's waiting to be seen.


earthling said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..the world is definitely gonna become a better place to live...great job guys!!!
good luck!!

babu said...

The entire course of shooting the documentary at 'siragu' was like a festival. The childrern were greatly enjoying the events. Their creativity and enthusiasm seemed to be blooming with full of beaming faces. Ramesh, Bakianath, Raja and venkatesh all were extremely patient and down to earth and at the same time not prepared to miss even a single memorable moment. I could not control tears on several occassions. I could not distinguish whether it was due to happiness or the other. In fact I honestly feel that as far the parts of Uma and Muthuram they have done it extremely great in spite of all their limitations and set backs. Now it is all our duty to share the burden with them. There is no doubt that it is going to be a pleasant burden.