Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mythology in Movies

Ahh...a cliched pair, huh?
But whatever we may call it, they are still the basis of our imaginations running wild. Wild in terms of what we can't seem to achieve in the 'real' life. There have been so many thinkers and writers who have extolled the relationship of mythology and what role it plays in stories, films, civilizations and life itself. Having read the likes of Campbell, James Bonnett, etc, I have to admit I'm finding myself increasingly attracted towards the genre.
I recently saw the trailer for 300, which is an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel. It'll be out in 2007 and has been directed by Zack Snyder, who is a cousin of a friend's friend. Was really amazed at the amount of effort they had put in towards the making of the movie. Imagine, LOTR, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnya, Superman and now 300, they all take us to a world devoid of our mundane existence here in the 'real' world as we see it. It makes us wanna break out of our monotony and do something outrageous which is primarily because the films and the stories serve as metaphors for our 'true' existence. It's just spectacular how we translate them into our lives and sometimes try and become better versions of ourselves. Maybe someday we can be the superhero we've always been dreaming about. Up, up and away!

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