Sunday, December 24, 2006

Global Warming on the Loose??

Whatever happened to the snow this year- 2006?? Today is December 24th and still there is absolutely no trace of snow in New Jersey. My anticipations have turned into disappointments with the warm sun smiling at me even during the supposed winter. Well, it is a wait that brings so many questions to the mind… is there is something wrong on a larger scale? Three four years back when people talked about Global Warming, no one had any clue as to what it meant. But I guess the meaning is slowly getting into our understanding. The fluctuations in the weather and the warm temperatures indicate something worse that is impending. The rest of the world is already suffering the consequences. There are some parts of the world which are already deprived of good drinking water and Nature has her own way of expressing her disappointment I guess. SIGH!

Where do we start? Many people would not know…but, for a start, let us begin to respect our trees and hope we can correct our mistakes sooner and not let anything drastic happen to this beautiful world around us.

I pledge not to hurt any tree and see to it that I plant at least a 100 trees in my lifetime.

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mohan said...

Well said, the concept of planting trees still sound silly for some people who are selfish and ingorant about the radical climatic change.
We have all the technologies to destroy nature but nothing to resore it. Now is the time realise ourselves that we belong to nature and live with nature. Let us have atleast one tree in each home and make our planet earth better place to live.