Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conversations with a friend...part 2

Only that single cell takes a form of you or me. And we know that the cell is more knowledgeable than us. Now, tell me if that single cell has grown towards the present form of you or me, or that it has decayed towards this form?


earthling said...

The universe has its own way of teaching us our lessons in life. We can see it either way we want to see it. Whether the single cell grows to the form or decays to the form is up to each one of our capability and utility of knowledge we derive in our lives. We are part of a cycle that has its own center. The difference can sometimes be in the diameter and that is what makes us unique. Sometimes we might be in the assumption that we revolve in different planes. But no, we all have our own diameters with the same center and every time we learn something or think like someone else, our circumferences coincide for a while and we are able to make connections. And then our perceptions change and we move away. So, for me both growth and decay are changes that will bring us closer to the light we all belong to.

Rags said...

On the physical plane, the composition of a cell just remains more or less the same but on a spiritual plane, it is what forms a consciousness by fusing with the other cells in the organism.
So I'd say there is a 'stagnation' in the physical plane and an evolution in the spiritual plane. But never a decay. There can be decay in a consciousness but never in the individual make-up of a cell.