Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conversations with a friend...part 6

We all say God is everywhere.
It is obvious that God is also inside us. We say God has His influence on anything and everything. So He can influence us from inside. Now if we consider God as this enormity as a whole, then it is obvious that we are inside Him. Now when God can influence us from inside since He is in us, then we can equally influence Him since we are inside Him.
Is it so ? or not?


Anonymous said...

I have a narrow knowledge on this one. I really do not know how to put it in words. The divine is everything that exists and has a role in this universe. The guiding force throughout our journey (and here I am not talking about one life and one death- it is the whole journey of the soul that is involved) helps us realize our purpose in all its entirety. The power itself is the beginning and an end to all the journeys we endure and the influence is symbiotic as far as I can see it. Of course there must be a purpose for our creation from the light, right??
i don't even know if what i realize is the truth...i seem to be stuck with an infinite number of questions...and i am aware the answers are within me...waiting for me to realize them...well, what more can i say??

earthling said...

I think this poses the same question as part 4.
"whether the divine represents all of us or we represent the divine" - whether 'God' influences us or we influence 'God'. When we talk about God being inside all of us and we becoming one with God, the first thing that comes to my mind is Anbe Sivam, the tamil movie starring the most versatile actor, Kamal Hassan. In the movie he talks about how each of us have God in each of us. That is, by virtue of our deeds, we become God, become one with divinity. There are many scenes which portray the thought, a must-see film.
So you can actually achieve higher spiritual purpose through your deeds in this birth - which also reminds me of our next short venture...partly about simultaneous and cyclical universes.

Anonymous said...

We people have given different forms of God. Some say Love is God, and some others feel that the God's have their own form and that is the why we have statues and sculptures of God. But what is feel is God is within you. When u do something good or when u help someone u feel something good in u and that is God. And at the same time when u do something wrong or when you hurt someone you feel bad within and a guilty feelings and that is again God. So we can definitely influence our SELF and hence the God within us.