Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conversations with a friend...part 4

Let us once again ponder over the creation of the baby. The single cell splits into innumerable cells and all the cells assume their own functions simultaneously.
Can we identify the exact nature of influence or authority or command that is possessed by the single cell over the rest of the cells?
During the process of growth almost all the cells are equivalent.
Now tell me if each and every cell represents the single cell or the single cell represents all the cells?

This would directly relate to the all-powerful omniscient divinity that is a part of us all. We cannot say exactly whether the divine represents all of us or we represent the divine.
We do not know whether the baby in the womb is conscious or not (even though a great search, debate, theories and incidents are prevailing on this particular issue) but when it comes out, we can be sure that it is physically unorganized. First it takes control of the nose when it is able to smell and recognize the mother; then the ears play their role in sensing the mother- with louder noises; then sometime in the third month, the eyes when it is able to focus and smile; then with great difficulty the hands and fingers, when it learns to grip; then the legs, when it stands up to walk, then it analyses everything when slowly taking the control of mind and behavior and it walks the whole life to achieve towards a great organization at first to realize itself as a whole and later to realize some other whole.

Now without such a great course of growth with full of events, will there be any meaning for the single cell?


Anonymous said...

This leads me into the thought process where we have to complete the cycle of birth and death (as many number of times) and fulfill our learning process before we connect back with the divine light. We come from that light and we have to go back to it. The process of the formation of the baby in the womb is similar and can be compared to it.

earthling said...

A very tough question indeed, haha!
well, it's like asking what came first...the chicken or the egg.
And yes, we all know the answer, right? Wrong!
The same is the case here, a single cell can represent either itself or the whole gamut of cells in an organsim. In fact, it's not even 'either...or' but this and that. So there's no contest in what is the actual truth when in fact, both contribute 2 sides of the same truth.
And the same holds true for divinity in a person.