Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conversations with a friend...part 5

We know all the living beings grow from inside. Growing is nothing but an action or a happening. Happening is nothing but a change. No change can happen without a cause. Now the origin of the cause is internal or external?
Our growth is perfectly a physical change.
Again, any physical change must have a physical cause. What exactly would be the physical nature of that cause?


Anonymous said...

Whatever change occurs is due to the response to the surroundings. Everything around us in the entire universe is dynamic and living and so change is inevitable and becmoes part and parcel of our physical existence. Things that happen externally both affect the change in the physical and the psychological form. (I used the word psychological because I wanted to relate it to the mind) in a way, it again leads to the connection we have with the source and the surrounding beings, in our journey.

earthling said...

Well, this brings us to the point that in the evolution of life, we can answer a million 'hows' but never a single 'why'?
The questions of how can be and have been answered by science, but if one asks why the first ever living cell in the universe came into being. You can just say, it happened. I guess that's where the spirit comes into picture, although the growth of a cell is purely a 'physical' process, the reason for its growth can only be 'spiritual' and inexplicable.