Saturday, December 16, 2006

Siragu Documentary - In Production

Great News!
Our next documentary film on Siragu, a school(it's more than that) for street/homeless children, is under way. We started production/shooting yesterday in Avadi, Chennai, India.
The day started out great with the Production Crew leaving at 7 a.m from Chennai city. After a long 2 hour drive, Ramesh, Packya, Babu and Raja reached Siragu Home/School and met the children and checked out the school and the location. Ramesh, who is organizing and directing the whole shoot in India, is a trooper, who's been working constantly with sleepless nights and endless travel. Packya is associate producing with on-location logistics help. Raja, is our Cinematographer, with about 8 years experience in Chennai. A great team. Period.

We got lots of great shots of the children in the school and the surroundings. The school is located in the outskirts of Avadi, which is itself in the outskirts. It's amazing how the Founders/Managing team, Uma and Muthuram have built the school from the ground up. They are so committed in their goal to educate children from the most down-trodden areas of the society. They have been amazing in their cooperation and are guiding us through the entire shoot. Do check out their website
The above are some pictures that we took immediately after we landed there. Enjoy and more to come right after this.


Earthling said...

That's wonderful! keep it up...let us all come together for a good cause...the world needs committed people right now...and also i remember from one of your August post that SIRAGU needed Media attention...
Good intentions can come a long way!
The Universe will definitely helps us in this...

RNith said...

Yes, we are here in chennai and we started to shoot this documentary. Siragu kids are wonderful, they are all full of energy and are doing lots of things. We are trying to capture as much as possible. They are much more creative than what we can imagine. I got a new definition for the word "kids" and "children", other than being being young and extra cute, they know much more than what we think. We are having a wonderful time to be with these children.
Uma and Muthuram are helping us in making this documentary film and are very accomodative amidst their busy schedules.