Friday, March 30, 2007

World Wide PostCard Sharing is..GRR..OWING...

Hey!! I don't know if you guys visited the worldkidsblogspot recently and read about our postcard sharing in New Jersey, USA. We went to this Brownie meeting and met these amazing and creative kids who were so enthusiastic in taking the WORLDWIDE POST CARD SHARING to the next level. Well, we first started this in SIRAGU as you all know and then it went across to Ontario, Canada (we haven't got the post cards from them yet, and we'll keep you posted once we do) and then now it was these kids from the Brownie meeting here in New Jersey, USA.
We cannot even begin to explain the eagerness of the kids and the love that came right across from their hearts, when they joyously accepted the cards from India and started doing their art work in turn for the kids across the world.
Anybody could come into this postcard sharing...and kids especially can come and share any of their creative work in this this, we cannot imagine how many of them will have friends all over the world by the time they enter their senior grades...
It is a constant learning process for us as children are innocent and so loving by nature and have so much to offer to bring this world together..
So, once again we lovingly say...CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!
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