Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Chomsky Solution: Nuclear Non-proliferation

Imagine this - You are in the middle of an earthquake with thousands of people running all around, screaming for help. You know a way out and are screaming your lungs out so that someone will hear you out. Everyone knows they are in trouble but want something to happen - magically. But they aren't willing to listen. The outcome - Chaos, chaos and more chaos.
Does this seem hypothetical? Out of your immediate reality? Third-person effect? Well, think again. You are smack in the middle of the world of Nuclear Proliferation(earthquake) and the so-called civilized, developed countries(screaming people). At a time when Nuke non-proliferation is becoming increasingly dangerous with war rhetoric and non-acceptance of diplomatic measures, we have to look at SOLUTIONS. This is specifically related to the US-led war rhetoric and it's unacceptance to agree to international proposals (surprise, surprise). Here's an article by Noam Chomsky, the thinker, media critic and political activist - focusing on the current situation with Iran's nuclear program.
Check out this article: "Solution in Sight"
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