Friday, March 30, 2007

FREEGANISM for all...

Am back with some real good stuff this time..take a few minutes and think about this...
Do you throw away things that have a re-usable value??
How bad is that? Sadly, that is the state of most of the things that could be re-used in our day-to-day activities. We have been gradually introduced to throw away items that have a re-usable value because many corporate organizations plainly survive on that. By throwing away things we can use again, not only do we increase the amount of garbage but also fail to see the true value of the item.
Corporations create new commodities every second and do not care if they are truly useful. They somehow make it sound useful and with the help of advertisements create useless products and manipulate the minds of the consumers into buying them. With bright colors and catchy designs they entice the consumers to spend their hard earned money into things like this which mostly get disposed off after the first time they are ever used.
Think about this and we could do a lot to help save the environment.
Try taking your own bags to the grocery stores instead of accepting the plastic bags from the shop. And even if you do have plastic bags , do not just throw them could use them more than once..they should serve some purpose right?
plastic bottles are another whole issue..and you even have people who campaign that if you use plastic water bottles more than once, you have a risk of getting infected from the plastics...think twice before fully believing anything anybody open and think about the re-usable value of each item you use.
There are a whole bunch of FREEGANS who practice FREEGANISM...
There are a lot of free exchange of items that take place...amongst Freegans..and is it not good to share what you have and do not use?
Check this alternate way of life and see how much you can contribute!!
Reduce unnecessary consumerism which fill Capitalist pockets and exploit you!
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Devin said...

I just read your blog post and I think you might like this website. It's basically everything you said.