Tuesday, February 06, 2007

World Wide Post Card Painting Workshop!!!

We conducted a workshop wherein we asked around 150 kids between the ages 4-11, to paint whatever they liked, for children in other parts of the World. Similarly, we intend to conduct other workshops in other parts of the world where children from different countries and cultures would express their thoughts through art.

The postcards would then be posted on the Internet for world wide access so that messages are exchanged and shared. The idea behind that was to get them to make friends with kids across the globe, thereby promoting global peace and understanding in the long run. So from the comfort of their homes or classrooms, children can now exchange their cultures and thoughts towards creating a truly universal philosophy.

We hope that this workshop would be a great step ahead for the children of tomorrow’s world. We are positive that with like-minded people, we can transform the world through children and bring about a more peaceful co-existence.

If any of you is interested in doing one in your school or neighborhood with any number of children, please contact us either through this blog comments or mail us at vconverge@gmail.com

1 comment:

earthling said...

well, can adults share postcards with children too?? even i want to!
i am soooo happy to be a part of all this!