Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reiki - An Alternate Healing Practice


You have heard this word a lot recently. But what is this about?

This is what a Reiki practicing friend shared with us.You probably learned that everything is basically made of energy. When you look at any atom under a powerful enough microscope, all you see are electrons and protons, other energy particles, and empty space. We are all made of energy, and we all have electro-magnetic fields. That's why MRIs work. Our electro-magnetic fields are similar to a battery's electro-magnetic field. We even have a north and a south pole.
When anything negative happens to you, it interferes with the flow of your energy. If you are frightened or angry or sad, or if you are injured physically in any way, your energy becomes blocked or stagnant in the areas that are affected. Reiki unblocks the energy similarly to how a charged battery can share energy with a dead battery. If your iPod takes two batteries and you only have one dead one and one charged one, you can still run the iPod because the charged battery will share its energy. Receiving Reiki is kind of like sharing the energy of a balanced person only better. The person who has Reiki isn't depleted by sharing Reiki energy. It flows freely and balances the other person's energy. As Reiki removes the energy blockages, the person feels better emotionally and their body is able to heal.

I feel Reiki works on good intentions alone. As long as you intend for peace, love and light, the world around you will get just that. So, even if you learn to do reiki in the right way or not, your good intentions will always go a long way!! Keep them high!!


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Mohan said...

This was a natural phenomenon well understood by the people in the ancient days. With the advent of technology, we slowly forgot to believe in ourself and the nature. For everything we need technology to help us rather than nature and the natural way of keeping good health. Now people started looking back to our ancestors and inherit the knowledge of the energy system in us and around us. Reiki is one such natural healing practice which helps to regulate our energy system and keep it balanced. Sure everyone could benefit from it and know "the self" better.