Friday, February 09, 2007

The 'Colorist'

While we were in the research phases of our Documentary film, "Men of Burden - Pedaling Towards a Horizon", I came across some wonderful pictures of cycle rickshaws/hand-pulled rickshaws in India. To my surprise, one of the photographs had a Pondicherry rickshaw as the main subject. So, I immediately sent out an email to the man behind the work.
Claude Renault. He prefers to be called a 'colorist'...not a photographer. He gave us permission to use his work for our film for no fee. We couldn't thank him enough, that's why apart from giving him credit I wanted to share his work with everyone. An excellent eye for detail, an emotional connection with the subjects and a colorful rendition of life...these are some key features of his work.
Check them out:

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