Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In search of Oneness!!

I recently ran a search by just typing "CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!" and found so many sites and blogs which convey the same message. Isn't it wonderful that many souls in this world think alike and are actually doing something about bringing the children together?
Well, check this site and let me know what you think!!


earthling said...

yayyyyyyy...that is so wonderful! we are not in this alone! we have soooooo many friends to make our dream come true and bring peace and love in this Planet!!

Srilatha said...

The pictures were amazing on that site. Its good that so many people are thinking that children are only way to bring peace in this world. Let us hope for the best.

Mike said...

Woow. Great work and good luck to you guys in brining the world together with the kids.