Saturday, February 10, 2007

Did you know? - about Flo-Flo Ship

Lift-on/lift-off or "lo/lo" operations use cranes, roll-on/roll-off or "ro/ro" operations use ramps and float-on/float-off or "flo/flo" operations are the trademark of unique submersible hull ships that transport yachts. Specialized Heavy Lift Ships, also known as Float-on/Float-off (FLO/FLO) or semisubmersible ships, provide the capability to load, transport and offload outsized military cargo independent of port equipment traditionally used for handling large or extremely heavy cargo, such as tug boats, barges, landing craft, floating cranes, and single anchor leg mooring systems. Lifts range from approximately 50 to as much as 45,000 tons.

These ships are designed to take on ballast water in floodable tanks that partially submerges the vessel. Cargo is then floated over the submerged portion of the vessel which then deballasts and surfaces under the cargo. After the vessel is full afloat, the cargo is secured for transport.

There ships are normally used in oil-refineries to carry the huge objects to the sea. They are also used as war ships to carry and as you see here these are the ships which can carry other ships.

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