Thursday, February 22, 2007

Principle or Person

Is a human important for another human being or the principles formed by a human being? This is a question that has been articulating in my mind for a long time.

Many people say that Hitler killed hundreds or thousands of people and was responsible for the attempt of Genocide. It is impossible for any single human being to accomplish such a mass killing. It is the principle advocated by him and the people who blindly followed him were responsible for such an act.

Any leadership involves principles and it has to help the humanity to be in harmony. But in many cases a wrong leadership or wrong principles are propagated and it causes an imbalance among the people.

There were many messengers of gods who came on to this earth and preached valuable principles to help the humanity in peace. But now common people are more bothered about the persons who preached rather than the principles they preached. If everyone started thinking and analyzing the principles rather than the person, this world would have been a better place.

If i say i follow Christianity or Islam or Hinduism, i mean to say i am following only one person and his or her principles. If i say i follow humanity it means that i follow the valuable principles what all these religions or their messengers preached.

We are more concerned about "who is the person saying?" rather than "what the person is saying?" Is there any way to see a change in this approach? Yes there is, when every human is open to his/her thinking mind.

Let us be open for the good principles to help all living beings in co-existence and peace.

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