Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Significance of September 21

Did you guys know the significance of September 21. Its the "International Day of Peace". United Nation has declared this as a Peace day. Are we maintaining peace every year on this day? This does not mean we should maintain peace only on the Sep 21. This means we have a target date to work on and we will try to bring peace in the this world before that. And from then everyday will be a Peace Day.

300,000 people participated in the International Day of Peace Vigil in Sri Lanka in 2004.

But out of around 6.1Billion people in this world, don't you think this is quite less. Lets try and make it significantly large this coming year. Sep 21 2007.
Here is a story for the kids and elders.
With Love, Peace and Hope let us work towards a better world.

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