Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peace Tree in Siragu!!!

Mitra (my filmmaker friend) had asked me if the kids at Siragu would build a Peace Tree if she gave them all the necessary materials and details. I replied to her that the kids at Siragu would love to do anything new and innovative and they are ever ready to take up creative workshops like these, especially where Peace is the issue!
I spoke to Muthuram on Jan 31st 2007 about the kids implementing a Peace Tree at Siragu Montessori School. He welcomed the idea and so I sent him all the materials that Mitra had sent to me.
On the 1st of February 2007, just one day after I had sent them the details, the Siragu kids had implemented the Peace Tree much to our surprise!
This itself is proof that the kids are so enthusiastic about connecting with the kids across the world in a Peaceful manner.We really miss the kids so much and wish that we were there with them when they are doing wonderful things like this!
If this continues, the kids will make friends with others around the world and also influence the adults into Peace activities!The day is not far!
Let us join together with the kids and spread the Peace in our Planet!!!


earthling said...

Kids are ever-ready to take up anything new and creative and inspire us to do things then and there and never to postpone!Well, i have learned this lesson from this...what did yu learn? :)

Rags said...

Excellent photo!
What we are seeing here is just the tip of an iceberg as large as the world itself...it's amazing to see how the biggest of mountains are formed of smallest particles.