Monday, February 19, 2007

A HUGE Peace Campaign!

How does a Peace Campaign sound to you all? What if all the Peace lovers of the world came together under one single cause? With the help of the Good Intentions, Internet, websites, blogs and all others with the similar thought process we can try and do a campaign for PEACE. What say? Mentors could be the initiators and the children could be responsible for spreading the word in and around their families and neighborhood.
Recently I came across this website and felt so strong that it is time we started our campaign for the REAL CAMPAIGN??
There were some good concepts in this site which I came across. The horrors of war had been mentioned and at the end a question was posed to the readers as to
"What could have been done to avoid the loss of so many lives ??"

You all remember the ONE VOICE MOVEMENT which was posted in this blog earlier?

That seems to be the answer!!

But I ask, We better ask ourselves one question and that would be enough.
"What are we willing to do to bring PEACE in this world??"

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