Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Conversations with a friend...part 3

We see a lot of people in our lives and we interact with a lot of them. When you see somebody can you visualize him or her with a totality that is right from the baby to an older one?
It is assumed that each and every human takes numerous births. As a second step, can you imagine somebody with a lot of forms? A greater totality over a great period of time?
Can you imagine at one sight, all the human beings, at the same time with the entire history, right from the earlier man to a greatly organized society in the future?
On an interaction with somebody, can you imagine yourself as the person with whom you interact? Can you imagine yourself in all the human beings, along with all the pleasures and sorrows, pains and comforts, births, lives and deaths, all the emotions as if you are undergoing and experiencing them in the most objective way?
As a next step, can you imagine yourself in all the living forms with varied emotions and secondly in all the non-living forms?

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Anonymous said...

I have come to understand that we all have multiple emotions and we interact in a way that is best comfortable for us. Maybe the rest of the humans who live in this world are just parts of us who are struggling to form a unified whole. Maybe it is like your predominant emotion or characteristic having to face the rest of your emotions and trying to find a balance to form the complete YOU? What if we all are one single organism and we strive to bring the balance to the whole individual? And that seems more logical than anything I have learnt.